Video Production: Digital Film-Making

Students will investigate techniques of video production: directorial style, script development, camera technique, editing, etc. Evaluation of the aesthetic principles of videography, investigation of selected historical topics, and “hands-on” training in video technique will form the basis of most class sessions. Students will write, shoot, and edit short films ranging from the traditional to the avant-garde. In order to produce original digital films, students will be trained in camera technique and in the uses of non-linear editing and audio creation software applications.

(Year 9-12 UC-Approved “f”)

Advanced Video Production: Digital Film-Making II

This course may be repeated for credit with permission of instructor. Advanced Video Production Digital Filmmaking II provides students with opportunities to work on individual and small group video projects at the mastery level with industry grade equipment and software. Peer mentorship and brief workshop methods will be employed to provide students with understandings of advanced principle and practices of digital filmmaking. Students in this course will be expected to use time outside of the school day in collaborative groups during the production process and are expected to complete post production within our specialty lab via Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Audition. The honors option includes additional written, production presentation and exhibition work that may include, but is not limited to, genre analysis essay, script revision and portfolio, production journals, film analysis journals, a capstone end of class portfolio reflection and presentation. This course can satisfy Career Technical Education (CTE) graduation requirement. Please see instructor. NOTE: UC/CSU will only grant honors weighting for up to 2 courses taken during 10th grade.

(Adv Video H (Honors) Year 10-12 UC-Approved “f” Prerequisite: Video Production and permission of instructor.)