The Publication “Incubator” class

The “Incubator” class, our laboratory for Paly journalism start-ups, offers a smorgasborg of publishing options within a single classroom. If you have an idea for a new publication, or if you’d like to join a small team of students working on an existing niche publishing product, this may be the place for you!

Incubator projects for 2021-2022:

  • Anthro (a magazine focused on student activism)
  • KPLY (our podcast hub)
  • Ink! (literary magazine)
  • [proof] (photography magazine)
  • For Fall semester 2021, The Paly Voice ( will operate out of the Incubator, too
  • Your idea for a new publication!

Past projects

  • Via Verde — student travel magazine
  • Veritas — science magazine
  • Aperture — freelance documentary collective

As with our other Paly publication courses, students in the Incubator generally are 11th and 12th graders divided into “Advanced Journalism and Media Studies” and “Media Leadership and Management/Honors (12th graders).”  Students may choose to divide their time among multiple Incubator projects.

For more information about the Incubator, reach out to Paul Kandell at his address.